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Single letter and linear acuity (near and distance) and contrast sensitivity were measured in 15 amblyopes (ages 5 to 12) before, during, and after four weekly 7 min sessions of CAM treatment. Six of the children, however, played games over a homogeneous grey disc having the same space-averaged luminance as that of the striped stimuli. Experimental and(More)
We re-assessed nine patients (aged 2 to 28 years) in whom true Brown's syndrome had been diagnosed and superior oblique muscle tenotomy performed. The postoperative period ranged from three to 12 years. The final results were divided into three groups: (1) Patients with partial residual Brown's syndrome postoperatively who gradually improved spontaneously(More)
Lees screen restrictions of non-specific origin, including apparent restrictions of the SR, IR, and LR muscles, were reported last year by Labow et al. In this complementary study, the authors examined eight apparently healthy subjects who had no history of ocular or psychiatric problems, eight psychiatric patients, and eight who had had a CNS disorder or(More)
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