L. S. Froufe-Pérez

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A detailed analysis of the distribution of conductances P(g) of quasi-one-dimensional disordered wires in the metal-insulator crossover is presented. P(g) obtained from a Monte Carlo solution of the Dorokhov, Mello, Pereyra, and Kumar (DMPK) scaling equation is in full agreement with "tight-binding" numerical calculations of bulk disordered wires.(More)
The magneto-optical activity, namely the polarization conversion capabilities of high-index, non-absorbing, core-shell dielectric nanospheres is theoretically analyzed. We show that, in analogy with their plasmonic counterparts, the polarization conversion in resonant dielectric particles is linked to the amount of electromagnetic field probing the(More)
Appropriate combinations of laser beams can be used to trap and manipulate small particles with optical tweezers as well as to induce significant optical binding forces between particles. These interaction forces are usually strongly anisotropic depending on the interference landscape of the external fields. This is in contrast with the familiar isotropic,(More)
Spatial intensity correlations between waves transmitted through random media are analyzed within the framework of the random matrix theory of transport. Assuming that the statistical distribution of transfer matrices is isotropic, we found that the spatial correlation function can be expressed as the sum of three terms, with distinctive spatial(More)
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