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Experimental investigations of generator circuit-breaker prototype with parallel vacuum interrupters were carried out. The prototype braking and making capacity were high enough to use such circuit-breaker in generator circuit. The current dividing between vacuum interrupters allowed to achieve breaking current 80 kA and making current 150 kA peak. The(More)
  • L. Rylskaya
  • 2012 25th International Symposium on Discharges…
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Laws of occurrence of breakdowns of vacuum interrupters behind front of a lightning impulse at recession of voltage (overdue delayed breakdowns) are experimentally investigated and the hypothesis of their nature is developed. It is shown, that the reason of breakdowns is the high-voltage discharge on an internal surface of insulating cases of vacuum(More)
Statistical dielectric strength tests of high-voltage vacuum interrupters and series connected vacuum interrupters have been conducted. It has been shown that the experimental distribution of the vacuum interrupter breakdown voltage can be described quite well with the two-parameter Weilbull distribution. The experimental breakdown voltage distribution of(More)
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