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In this paper we address the problem of energy-optimal gait generation for biped r obots. Using a sim-pliied r obot dynamics that ignores the eeects of cen-tripetal forces, we obtain unconstrained optimal tra-jectories generated b y p i e cewise constant inputs. We study a complete gait cycle comprising single support, double support and the transition(More)
2 Q U O T E Do not, I beg you, look for anything behind phenomena. They are themselves their own lessons. —Goethe CONCEPTS Aim of health care, scope of practice, standards of practice for nurse ad-LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES • Describe the importance of having a theory for professional nursing practice. • Identify the scope and standards for nurse(More)
In this paper we compare three methods for the energy optimal gait generation for biped robots during the single support phase. The rst approach searches for unconstrained trajectories generated by piecewise constant inputs, the second approach constrains the Cartesian trajectories of the swing foot and the hip of the robot to a class of time-polynomial(More)
  • L Roussel
  • 1986
A six years old child, string by a Leiurus quinquestriatus scorpion (Buthidae fam), got, 15 hours after having been string, consciousness disorders and convulsions within a feverish context. The general status recovered rapidly, but disorders of upper functions and a total blindness both occurred. The latter disappeared in few weeks time; central disorders(More)
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