L. Rossetto

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Switch-mode power supplies represent a particular class of variable structure systems (VSS). Thus, they can take advantage of non-linear control techniques developed for this class of systems. In this paper the so called sliding mode control is reviewed and its application to switch-mode power supplies is discussed. Sliding mode control extends the(More)
The use of an active voltage clamp in insulated DC/DC converters allows a limitation of the voltage stress due to transformer leakage inductance, a reduction of the commutation losses, and an increase of the switching frequency. It is therefore important to ensure soft switching in the whole operating range, penalty a considerable worsening of converter(More)
We present measurements of radio emission from cosmic ray air showers that took place during thunderstorms. The intensity and polarization patterns of these air showers are radically different from those measured during fair-weather conditions. With the use of a simple two-layer model for the atmospheric electric field, these patterns can be well reproduced(More)
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