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This paper is focused on the exact calculation of the cycle service level for a generalized periodic review system accepting any discrete demand with a known probability function and any cycle service target. Previously, it was necessary to modify the definition of the cycle service level metric (also known as non stock out probability) so that it could be(More)
This paper presents an ellipsoidal set-membership uncertainty model for wire-based tracking systems with wire length uncertainties and joint clearances. Although the proposed model is valid for any number of wires and configurations, including singularities, it has been particularized to a 3-2-1 parallel wire mechanism. The Euler’s tetrahedron formula has(More)
This paper is concerned with the task to obtain a complete description of the singularity set of any given non-redundant manipulator, including the identification and the precise computation of each constituent singularity class. Configurations belonging to the same class are equivalent in terms of the various types of kinematic and static degeneracy that(More)
The study of the singularity set is of utmost utility in understanding the local and global behavior of a manipulator. After reviewing the mathematical conditions that characterize this set, and their significance, this paper shows how these conditions can be formulated in an amenable manner in the planar case, allowing to define a conceptually-simple(More)
Many skeletonization algorithms for 3D solids have been proposed in recent years. The one given herein is surprisingly simple compared to most of them, but it is still very fast and has theoretically favorable properties. Actually, it provides a connected surface skeleton that allows shapes to be reconstructed with bounded error. Such skeleton is(More)
Motion paths of cable-driven hexapods must carefully be planned to ensure that the lengths and tensions of all cables remain within acceptable limits, for a given wrench applied to the platform. The cables cannot go slack –to keep the control of the robot– nor excessively tight –to prevent cable breakage– even in the presence of bounded perturbations of the(More)
Health Record refers to the recording of the medical and relevant social history of the patient, obtained directly or indirectly. It is an instrument of frequent use that must guarantee the quality of assistance provided, reflecting all information pertinent to forming the patient's medical history. It must be designed so that data is easily and effectively(More)
Most Spanish General Hospitals record their patients in the Patient Registration Service; it is the first point of contact between patients and the General Hospitals. This service is in charge of planning the hospital activity; for management personnel it is fundamental to have such information available. Developing these models allowed managers to focus on(More)
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