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We show that an extended system operating in the regime of stochastic resonance can act as a short-term memory device. The system under study is a ring of overdamped bistable oscillators coupled directionally, being each also subject to an external source of Gaussian white noise (the noise sources are independent). A single oscillator is driven by an(More)
Animal locomotion employs different periodic patterns known as animal gaits. In 1993 Collins and Stewart achieved the characterization in quadrupeds and bipeds by using permutation symmetries groups which impose constrains in the locomotion centre called Central Generator Pattern (CGP) in the animal brain. They modelled the CGP by coupling four non linear(More)
Toad ventricles were externally driven by periodic pulses while monophasic action potential (MAP) signals were recorded in seven excised and seven in situ ventricles. As the frequency was slowly increased in steps, the stimulated tissue displayed several dynamic characteristics. Hierarchies of periodic behavior, like phase-locking and period-doubling(More)
Extradural motor cortex stimulation has been employed in cases of Parkinson's disease (PD), fixed dystonia (FD) and spastic hemiparesis (SH) following cerebral stroke. Symptoms of PD are improved by EMCS: results were evaluated on the basis of the UPDRS and statistically analysed. In PD EMCS is less efficacious than bilateral subthalamic nucleus (STN)(More)
Carnitine is present in the eye tissues of the rabbit and the highest concentration is found in the lens. In streptozotocin-diabetic rats, the carnitine loss of the lens is an initial and important event. At 8 days after the induction of diabetes, the carnitine content in the rat lens was reduced by 63% compared to control. The loss of lens carnitine(More)
The topology of the period doubling attractor at the onset of chaos, and its implications for the structure of the power spectrum are discussed. The presence of a seemingly anomalous peak at a non 2" frequency is explained in terms of a topological invariant of the attractor whose systematics is shown to he universal. An experiment on an electronic circuit(More)
As a mock-up of synaptic transmission between neurons, we revisit a problem that has recently risen the interest of several authors: the propagation of a low-frequency periodic signal through a chain of one-way coupled bistable oscillators, subject to uncorrelated additive noise. On a numerical study performed in the optimal range of noise intensity for(More)
Time series of core temperature in golden hamsters with or without access to a running wheel were analyzed using statistical tools and Dynamical Systems theory. Although the statistical analysis did not show any striking difference between the two groups (other than clearer spectra in the case in the animals with access to wheels), a clear dynamical(More)