L. Romanelli

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Extradural motor cortex stimulation has been employed in cases of Parkinson's disease (PD), fixed dystonia (FD) and spastic hemiparesis (SH) following cerebral stroke. Symptoms of PD are improved by EMCS: results were evaluated on the basis of the UPDRS and statistically analysed. In PD EMCS is less efficacious than bilateral subthalamic nucleus (STN)(More)
The hallucinogenic effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) have mainly been attributed to the interaction of this drug with the serotoninergic system, but it seems more likely that they are the result of the complex interactions of the drug with both the serotoninergic and dopaminergic systems. The aim of the present study was to investigate the(More)
Toad ventricles were externally driven by periodic pulses while monophasic action potential (MAP) signals were recorded in seven excised and seven in situ ventricles. As the frequency was slowly increased in steps, the stimulated tissue displayed several dynamic characteristics. Hierarchies of periodic behavior, like phase-locking and period-doubling(More)
Nicotine 1.8 X 10(-5)-1.8 X 10(-4) mol/l enhanced the spontaneous 3H-efflux from guinea-pig cortical slices preloaded with 3H-choline and perfused in the presence of hemicholinium (HC-3). The facilitation of tritium outflow was prevented by tetrodotoxin 5 X 10(-7) mol/l and by D-tubocurarine 4.5 X 10(-6) mol/l. Nicotine 1.8 X 10(-6)-1.8 X 10(-4) mol/l, and(More)
In isolated guinea-pig ileum (GPI), the κ-opioid acute withdrawal response is under the control of several neuronal signaling systems, including the μ-opioid, the A(1)-adenosine and the CB(1) receptors, which are involved in the inhibitory control of the κ-withdrawal response. After κ-opioid system stimulation, indirect activation of μ-opioid,(More)
The cloning of the opioid-receptor-like receptor (ORL-1) and the identification of the orphaninFQ/nociceptin (OFQ/N) as its endogenous agonist has revealed a new G-protein-coupled receptor signalling system. The structural and functional homology of ORL-1 to the opioid receptor systems has posed a number of challenges in the understanding the often(More)
As a mock-up of synaptic transmission between neurons, we revisit a problem that has recently risen the interest of several authors: the propagation of a low-frequency periodic signal through a chain of one-way coupled bistable oscillators, subject to uncorrelated additive noise. On a numerical study performed in the optimal range of noise intensity for(More)
Naloxone, added after contractions induced by CCK-8 on the guinea pig ileum preparation, elicited a contraction attributed to the release of endogenous opioid which could inhibit the excitatory action of the peptide. With large concentrations of CCK-8, the preparation gave reproducible responses with time. Naloxone, added before the peptide, protracted the(More)
1. The effect of acute and chronic (16 days) administration of nicotine on cortical acetylcholine (ACh) release, gross behaviour and brain nicotinic binding sites was investigated in rats and guinea-pigs. 2. The drug, injected either subcutaneously (0.45-0.90 mg kg-1) or intracerebroventricularly (1, 3 and 5 micrograms) increased the cortical ACh release,(More)