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  • Burgering, B M T Bos, Vanderkuur, J Allevato, N Norstedt, G Carter-Su +24 others
  • 1997
in vitro and in vivo association assays. The GST–cytoplasmic region of EGFR fusion proteins (amino acids 930–1,220, which do not include Lys 721, a key residue in the ATP-binding site) were generated as described 28. The in vitro Jak2 assay was done as before 2 , with minimal modification. Proteins immobilized on anti-Jak2 antibody were mixed with 95 ␮l of(More)
significantly improve the performance of colour-conversion devices. In addition to applications as efficient colour converters, nano-crystals have been considered promising building blocks for colour-selectable optical-gain media in lasing applications 4. One complication associated with lasing applications of nanocrystals is the requirement for extremely(More)
We propose a constructive approach to building single-hidden-layer neural networks for nonlinear function approximation using frequency domain analysis. We introduce a spectrum-based learning procedure that minimizes the difference between the spectrum of the training data and the spectrum of the network's estimates. The network is built up incrementally(More)
The fifth author's first and last names were inadvertently switched. The first name appears as the last name and the last name appears as the first name. The correct name is: Tadepally Lakshmi-kanth. The correct citation is: open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use,(More)
This paper is not been published elsewhere and is not currently under consideration by another journal or any other publisher. All the authors approved the article's publication. No conflicts of interest exists in this submitted manuscript by the authors. Abstract Intracardiac primary tumors are rare conditions. The 75% of them are benign, the 25% malignant(More)
grade astrocytic tumors comparable in scope yet greater in magnitude to that of the prior 40 years. This is thanks to the convergence of three factors: the introduction of an oral agent with antitumor activity beyond the blood–brain barrier and modest systemic toxicity (temozolomide); the demonstration through a well-conducted randomized trial of the(More)
Bare metal stents (BMS) and drug-eluting stents (DES) were and are going through similar cycles, albeit in reverse order. BMS went through an initial bashing period only to come out of it worshiped more than really deserved. The opposite happened to DES. They are currently going through their bashing period after having been hailed in as prodigies they not(More)
  • Aarts Wm, Bende Rj, J-W, Kluin Pm, Langerak Aw, Pals St +47 others
  • 2004
In situ analysis of the variable heavy chain gene of an IgM/IgG-expressing follicular lymphoma. Hypopigmented mycosis fungoides in Caucasian patients: A clinicopathologic study of 7 cases. Accumulation of chromosomal imbalances from intraductal proliferative lesions to adjacent in situ and invasive ductal breast cancer. Heterogeneous chromosomal aberrations(More)
In graphical modelling, the existence of substantive background knowledge on block ordering of variables is used to perform structural learning within the family of chain graphs in which every block corresponds to an undirected graph and edges joining vertices in different blocks are directed in accordance with the ordering. We show that this practice may(More)
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