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Premature infants and neonatal patients who require platelet transfusions may develop circulatory overload when administered a 50-ml unit of platelet concentrate. We evaluated the influence of centrifugation and resuspension steps used to reduce the volume of stored platelet concentrates on platelet properties by in vitro methods and by determining(More)
Regional blood centers frequently need to hold units of whole blood at 20 to 24 degrees C for several hours after phlebotomy so that sufficient platelet concentrates can be prepared to meet the increasing need. We have evaluated the in vivo viability and in vitro properties of platelets that were prepared from whole blood drawn into(More)
The magnitude of the pH change during platelet concentrate storage at 20-24 degree C in polyvinyl chloride containers is not determined solely by platelet count per cubic millimeter of plasma, since a wide variation in pH was observed with similar platelet concentrations. In modified platelet concentrates having lost through centrifugation 3-15% of total(More)
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