L. Robin Keller

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Willingness-to-pay (WTP) measures of the effects of changes in health on a person's welfare are more comprehensive than traditional cost-of-illness (COI) measures, but they are sometimes difficult to obtain. The authors investigated two approaches for measuring heart patients' WTP for changes in their angina symptoms. First, actual expenditures and(More)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells shed their flagella in response to environmental stress. Under favorable conditions, flagella are quickly regrown. To learn more about the signals that trigger flagellar excision and regrowth we have investigated inositol phospholipid metabolites, molecules implicated in signal transduction in several other systems. After(More)
Both the selection of doses of pharmaceutical agents and comparisons between pharmaceutical agents have long been based on the nonquantified concept of the risk-benefit ratio. Though useful, this concept implies a data comparison that is difficult to make: the toxicity versus the efficacy of a drug compound. This research demonstrates an approach for(More)
Removal of the flagella of Chlamydomonas results in increases in both flagellar protein synthesis and tubulin messenger RNA accumulation. These observations led us to examine whether flagellar protein gene sequences are transcribed differentially in nuclei isolated before and after deflagellation. A nuclear isolation protocol was developed using the cell(More)
The fate of exogenous DNA introduced into Chlamydomonas reinhardtii by electroporation was analyzed. With single and double electrical pulses, plasmids as large as 14 kb were introduced into cells with and without intact cell walls. Within hours after introduction, exogenous plasmid DNA was associated with nuclei isolated from cells; several weeks after(More)
  • L R Keller, C P Emerson
  • 1980
Myosin light chain synthesis has been analyzed in cultures of fast and slow muscles from chicken and quail embryos. Synthesis was assayed by [35S]methionine incorporation and two-dimensional electrophoresis of total cell extracts. Our results show that differentiated cultures of embryonic anterior latissimus dorsi and pectoral muscles synthesize proteins(More)
Chlamydomonas cells respond to certain environmental stimuli by shedding their flagella. Flagellar loss induces a rapid, transient increase in expression of a specific set of genes encoding flagellar proteins, and assembly of a new flagellar pair. While flagellar gene expression and initiation of flagellar outgrowth are normally tightly coupled to flagellar(More)