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OBJECT The Management of Myelomeningocele Study (MOMS) was a multicenter randomized trial comparing the safety and efficacy of prenatal and postnatal closure of myelomeningocele. The trial was stopped early because of the demonstrated efficacy of prenatal surgery, and outcomes on 158 of 183 pregnancies were reported. Here, the authors update the 1-year(More)
We sought to determine the frequency of postpartum follow-up for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus. A retrospective cohort study of women with gestational diabetes mellitus from 2002 to 2008 ( N = 745) at an academic center was conducted. The primary outcome was either fasting blood glucose or 2-hour oral glucose tolerance, both measured at(More)
Post-term pregnancy (longer than 42 weeks or 294 days) occurs in approximately 10% of all singleton gestations. The adverse outcomes of post-term pregnancy include a substantial increase in perinatal mortality and morbidity. ACOG currently recommends induction of labor for low-risk pregnancy during the 43rd week of gestation. However, that recommendation(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to identify characteristics that may predict failure of glyburide therapy for the management of A2 gestational diabetes, and to evaluate whether those that fail are at increased risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes. STUDY DESIGN This was a retrospective cohort of gestational diabetics requiring medical therapy (A2DM)(More)
In a recently completed randomized, prospective clinical trial, fetal repair for myelomeningocele was shown to result in reduced rates of hydrocephalus requiring placement of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt, improvement in Chiari malformation Type II, and improvement in neurological function compared with standard postnatal repair. Successful fetal surgery(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of prenatal steroid treatment in fetuses with sonographically diagnosed congenital cystic adenomatoid malformations (CCAMs). METHODS This was an institutional review board-approved retrospective review of 372 patients referred to the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), for fetal(More)
Biologically inert elastomers such as silicone are favorable materials for medical device fabrication, but forming and curing these elastomers using traditional liquid injection molding processes can be an expensive process due to tooling and equipment costs. As a result, it has traditionally been impractical to use liquid injection molding for low-cost,(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE Congenital high airway obstructive syndrome (CHAOS) is a rare and devastating condition that is uniformly fatal without fetal intervention. We sought to describe fetal treatment and long-term outcomes of CHAOS at a single referral center. METHODS The medical records of patients with fetal CHAOS evaluated at our center between 1993 and(More)
Reproductive tract infection is a major initiator of preterm birth (PTB). The objective of this prospective cohort study of 88 participants was to determine whether PTB correlates with the vaginal microbiome during pregnancy. Total DNA was purified from posterior vaginal fornix swabs during gestation. The 16S ribosomal RNA gene was amplified using(More)
We have reevaluated the Martin vigorimeter to measure grip strength in healthy subjects, and patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and investigated the correlation of grip strength and hand function using the Jebsen hand function tests and Purdue pegboard test before and after treatment. The vigorimeter showed good test-retest reliability (r greater than(More)