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Eleven lung cancer patients were selected for combined radio and immunotherapy with a thymic agent-Thymex L. The selection criteria included the pre-therapy testing of patients' immunocompetence and the responsiveness of their lymphocytes to the in vitro addition of Thymex L: only patients with a significant degree of immunodepression, whose depressed(More)
In order to prevent the radiotherapeutically-induced aggravation of initial immunodeficiency, a thymic preparation (Thymex L) was given to lung cancer patients simultaneously with irradiation. The parameters of both cellular and humoral nonspecific immunity were evaluated in two groups of patients: one was treated with radiotherapy only (60 Gy in 30(More)
The nonspecific immune competence was investigated in three groups of patients with bronchogenic lung cancer: group I (n = 30) was tested prior to any therapy; group II (n = 8) after radiotherapy; and group III (n = 13) after the end of combined radio and immunotherapeutical (Thymex-L) treatment. A total of 46 healthy persons served as control group. Both(More)
The in vitro immunomodulating, effects of two thymic extracts--Thymex L and Thymomodulin--on lymphocytes of lung cancer patients, were studied. The number of total and active T cell and PHA-induced lymphoproliferative response were evaluated before and after the addition of two different concentrations (5 mg/ml and 0.5 mg/ml) of these agents. The in vitro(More)
The parameters of both cellular and humoral non-specific immunity were evaluated in non-small lung cancer patients (n = 26) prior to therapy, in 13 of them after radiotherapy (45 Gy in 22 fractions) and in 13 patients after combined radio-and immunotherapy (Thymex L, 1800 mg in 12 injections á 150 mg i.m., three times a week). Several parameters of general(More)
Sarcoidosis is a disease which in 90-100% affects the thorax and other organs in 20-50%. Although a systemic disease, its pathohistologic verification concurrently performed in different organs is most interesting. A case of a patient with sarcoidosis and pathohistologic examination of bioptic material revealing sarcoid granuloma in mediastinal glands,(More)
Several studies showed that thymic factors and prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors enhance in vitro lymphoproliferative response (LPR) to mitogens in cancer patients. In this study we investigated whether indomethacin and thymic extract (Thymex L), applied in combination, may in a synergistic pattern influence phytohemagglutinin-induced LPR in lung cancer(More)
A case of Dressler's syndrome which has developed in a patient with bronchogenic carcinoma during radiotherapy is presented. Diagnosis is established according to symptomatology, clinical findings, chest X-ray, laboratory analysis and immunological findings. Existence of metastatic deposits in heart is excluded by the method of echocardiography. Short-term(More)
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