L R Yandell

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Using measures of stereotypy such as rearing, licking, and chewing, low dosage administration of amphetamine can be shown to produce increased stereotypy over a period of days. In the present study amphetamine-induced perservation was observed in two sessions when rotational behaviors were used as a behavioral measure. Rotational perseveration occurred in(More)
Twenty right handed, female subjects performed a visuospatial-dichaptic matching task which required them to view a single shape for a brief period of time while palpating two shapes, one in each hand. There was an identification and reaction time advantage for right hand responses, which allowed the inference of a left hemispheric advantage for this(More)
Intact Sprague-Dawley female rats were treated with 0.25 microgram or 1.25 micrograms ethinyl-estradiol (EE) in combination with one of 3 synthetic progestins: (5 micrograms) norethindrone, norethynodrel, or norgestrel. In Experiment 1 both dosages of EE in combination with the synthetic progestins suppressed sweetness preference, with a somewhat greater(More)
Subjects were asked to say whether a word presented monaurally to the right or left ear matched a presented object. Analysis of vocal response latencies indicated that words relating to the function of the object were responded to more quickly when presented to the left ear and, by inference, the right hemisphere. Words relating to a physical characteristic(More)
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