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A technique for the assessment of single kidney hemodynamic functions utilizing a novel MR pulse sequence in conjunction with MR contrast material administration is described. Renal extraction fraction (EF) is derived by measuring the concentration of the incoming contrast agent in the renal artery and the outgoing concentration in the renal vein. The(More)
Mechanoelectrical transduction in biological cells is generally attributed to tension-sensitive ion channels, but their mechanisms and physiology remain controversial due to the elusiveness of the channel proteins and potential cytoskeletal interactions. Our discovery of membrane tension sensitivity in ion channels formed by the protein alamethicin(More)
Adhesion between patch-clamped lipid membranes and glass micropipettes is measured by high contrast video imaging of the mechanical response to the application of suction pressure across the patch. The free patch of membrane reversibly alters both its contact angle and radius of curvature on pressure changes. The assumption that an adhesive force between(More)
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