L R Lumpkin

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Subungual squamous cell carcinoma is a rare phenomenon. Diagnosis of this condition is often delayed because of a resemblance to a variety of benign inflammatory conditions. Metastases are unusual, but involvement of underlying bone is common. Curative treatment is achieved by amputation of the involved digit. The index of suspicion for malignancy in the(More)
Three patients had neonatal lupus erythematosus syndrome. All three infants were girls who presented with characteristic skin lesions but without evidence of congenital heart block. All three mothers were asymptomatic at the time of delivery and have remained so until the present time. All mothers were positive for anti-Ro/SSA antibodies, as were the(More)
Although not curable or preventable, acne can benefit from adequate, appropriate therapy. Modern therapy for acne includes various topical agents highly effective against noninflammatory lesions, and oral or topical antibiotics effective against the inflammatory lesions. Long-term physical and psychologic scarring can be minimized by controlling acne in its(More)
Five patients with leprosy are presented. Each had had extensive and chronic contact with armadillos. No other potential risk factor for the development of leprosy could be identified. Since the nine-banded armadillo is a known carrier of leprosy in the southern area of the United States, we believe that these patients may have contracted leprosy from(More)