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An increasingly important requirement for software systems is the capability to evolve dynamically according to the changes of computing environment and users' need during runtime. In this paper, a dynamic software architecture oriented approach is proposed to support online evolution. Notably, architecture information is reified as explicit and manipulable(More)
Agent architecture is an important topic in the current research of Agent. Based on BDI model and situation calculus, an Agent architecture called AASC (Agent architecture based on situation calculus), which can depict various features, especially autonomy of Agent, is presented in this paper. Since AASC provides the facilities for representing mental(More)
In virtualized computing environments, users' mobility in physical space poses a challenge in the research on the applications' mobility in cyber space. The characteristics of network-intensiveness and resource-intensiveness in pervasive environments provide an opportunity for application mobility. To support it, the paper exploits software Agents to(More)
  • ZHOU Jing-Yang, CHEN Tao-Lue, CHEN Dao-Xu, LÜ Jian
  • 2003
A reliable and efficient communication mechanism for mobile Agents. Abstract: Mobile Agent is thought to be the popular computing model for the next-generation distributed system. Collaboration and communication are essential for mobile Agent systems. However, there still exists some deficiency in the current communication mechanism for mobile Agents(More)
This paper aims to introduce a new representation framework of cognitive state of agents, which includes depictions for intention, belief, and goal, and supplies a necessary theoretical basis for constructing agent architecture. In this formalization, all intentions for a goal form a structure with two orders, one represents the temporal order and the other(More)
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