L. R. Gerola

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An anatomical study of the tricuspid valve was carried out in 50 human hearts of both female and male individuals using a method of dissection which preserves the integrity of the valve. Morphometric criteria such as area of cusp, width of cusp base, relation between commissure depth and cusp depth and morphological criteria such as the presence of(More)
We performed an anatomic study of the right atrioventricular valve in children under one year of age using a conservative method of dissection of the heart valve. The main aspects studied were the number of cusps and their morphometric characteristics, such as the width of the base and the depth of the cusps. Other parameters studied were the number of(More)
Nos donn6es sont compatibles avec I'existence de bourses s6reuses au niveau de la main et du pied (figs. 8, 9). Cependant, I'absence de descriptions ant6rieures pr6ciscs, la difficult6 d'individualisation de la paroi, I'aspect translucide et l'extr6me fragilit6 de la paroi libre dans sa partie distale, I'existence d'une structure histologique compatible(More)
Two 38 and 53-year old male patients with unstable angina, whose hemodynamic study showed an isolated stenosis of the left coronary artery ostium, were submitted to a surgical angioplasty of the left main coronary artery (LMCA) with saphenous vein patch. At the end of the operation, the patients presented intermitent myocardial isquemia. One of them led to(More)
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