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Most researchers have examined the effects of stress and social support on pregnancy outcomes without identifying the relationship between social support and social network factors. While the type and amount of support have been shown to be related to pregnancy outcomes, the sources of that support and the influence of network structure on a person's(More)
  • J Apker, K M Ford, +53 authors Turtle
  • 2008
sets in health care team interactions. This study explored how nurses communicate professionalism in interactions with members of their health care teams. Extant research shows that effective team communication is a vital aspect of a positive nursing practice environment, a setting that has been linked to enhanced patient outcomes. Although communication(More)
Fifty primigravid fathers and mothers responded to an investigator-developed tool that measured social network characteristics and perceived social support during the third trimester of pregnancy. At six weeks postpartum, these same parents completed the Postpartum Self-evaluation Questionnaire (PSQ) (Lederman, Weingarten, & Lederman, 1981). Relationships(More)
Introduction Interprofessional education and practice are essential to transforming American health care delivery and achieving national goals for health care quality and safety and population health. Relatively few educational institutions or Academic Health Centers can provide leadership in interprofessional education for their own faculty, let alone for(More)
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