L Quadro

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Medullary thyroid carcinomas (MTC) occur sporadically or as part of inherited multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) type 2 syndromes. To recognize misdiagnosed familial cases and to establish the frequency of somatic mutations, a series of 50 patients, clinically diagnosed with sporadic MTC, were analyzed for mutations in the RET proto-oncogene. The clinical(More)
We describe a patient affected by multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN 2A) bearing a heterozygous germline mutation (Cys(634)Arg) in exon 11 and an additional somatic mutation of the RET protooncogene. A large intragenic deletion, spanning exon 4 to exon 16, affected the normal allele and was detected by quantitative PCR, Southern blot analysis, and(More)
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