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A programmed algorithm is presented for the synthesis and optimisation of networks implemented with multiplexer universal logic modules. The algorithm attempts level by level optimisation selecting the control variables that result in minimum number of continuing branches. Cascaded networks, if realisable, are always found and given preference over tree(More)
This paper presents a new method for remote and interactive browsing of long video sequences. The solution is based on interactive navigation in a scalable mega image resulting from a JPEG2000 coded keyframe-based video summary. The presented system is compliant with the new JPEG2000 part 9 " JPIP – JPEG2000 Interactivity, API and Protocol, " which lends(More)
The paper describes Reed-Muller universal logic modules (RM-ULMs) and their use for the implementation of logic functions given in Reed-Muller (RM) form. A programmed algorithm is presented for the synthesis and opti-misation of RM-ULM networks. The level-by-level minimisation procedure is based on the selection of control variables at different levels with(More)
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