L Q Stevenson

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Background and purpose: To follow up in vitro evidence that D-tetrahydrocannabivarin extracted from cannabis (eD-THCV) is a CB1 receptor antagonist by establishing whether synthetic D -tetrahydrocannabivarin (O-4394) and D-tetrahydrocannabivarin (O-4395) behave as CB1 antagonists in vivo. Experimental approach: O-4394 and O-4395 were compared with eD-THCV(More)
Cultured bovine aortic endothelial cells (BAECs) express the complete renin-angiotensin system and secrete angiotensins. In this study, we examined the adrenergic influence on the secretion of angiotensins from BAECs. Angiotensins were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography and radioimmunoassay. At basal state, BAECs contain angiotensin I,(More)
Anti-idiotypic antibodies to rat GH antibodies were produced in both sheep and mice and shown to be capable of mimicking GH by inhibiting 125I-labelled ovine GH (oGH) binding to sheep liver membranes. The sheep anti-idiotypes were characterized further and shown to (1) inhibit 125I-labelled oGH binding to oGH antibodies, (2) inhibit 125I-labelled oGH(More)
B. pertussis vaccine or pulmonary infection produced marked hyperinsulinaemia in mice relative to controls (e.g. control 32 mU/1; B. pertussis infected 113 mU/1). This was associated with a modest relative hypoglycaemia (15-25%). The hyperinsulinaemia was observed only when blood was collected from mice anaesthetized with ether, pentobarbitone, or(More)
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