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OBJECTIVE To study the pathogenesis of Entamoeba gingivalis (E. g.) and its relation to periodontal diseases. METHODS Rats were treated with immuno-inhibitor for one week and the neck of incisor teeth of the rats was bound with steel wire. They were randomly divided into three groups: the first group was infected by E. g. in the periodontal tissue, the(More)
Stimulation of the host immune system is crucial in cancer treatment. In particular, nonspecific immunotherapies, when combined with other traditional therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, may induce immunity against primary and metastatic tumors. In this study, we demonstrate that a novel, non-toxic immunoadjuvant, glycated chitosan (GC), decreases(More)
A balance between cell proliferation and cell loss is essential for tumor progression. Although up to 90% of cells are lost in late-stage carcinomas, the progression and characteristics of remnant living cells in tumor mass are unclear. Here we used molecular imaging to track the progression of living cells in a syngeneic tumor model, and ex vivo(More)
Passive integrating activated C detectors were used to study the regional distribution and temporal variation of 222Rn in indoor air in dwellings in the Beijing region. Measurements were made in 537 dwellings, which were either detached houses or multi-family apartments. The city-wide study was completed in 1985. The distributions are approximately(More)
  • L Q Lin
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1991
Average indoor air radon concentration of 30 Bq/m3 was determined in various types of dwellings in the Beijing area using activated carbon detectors. In this study, several related factors were also investigated: radon area exhalation rates of 136 building materials and from soil surfaces; Ra-226 contents of 143 soil samples, 34 building materials and 28(More)
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