L. Pratap Reddy

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—Face recognition systems have been grabbing high attention from commercial market point of view as well as pattern recognition field. It also stands high in researchers community. Face recognition have been fast growing, challenging and interesting area in real-time applications. A large number of face recognition algorithms have been developed from(More)
Measurement of visual quality is of fundamental importance to numerous image and video processing applications. This paper introduces an image quality index, visual region of interest weighted quality index (VroiWQI). The index integrates the notion of visual regions of interest with the measurement of structural distortion between the original image and(More)
Segmentation of touching hand written numerals and alphabets is a difficult task for recognizing individual characters. In this paper, the proposed algorithm is adopted from condego for the segmentation of hand written touching numerals, and is extended to segment the touching hand written English alphabets. The proposed method using Drop-fall algorithm is(More)
— To evaluate the speed of growth of an urban area road is one of the fast information updating element during urban development. Road information extraction based on high resolution satellite images play an important role because roads affect city land usage. In this paper, two approaches for road network extraction for an urban are proposed. Most research(More)
Document classification is one of the recent areas of research evolved as a result of exponential growth in the quantum electronic form of documents. Various document representation methods based on linguistic knowledge are revisited in literature. Adaptability of N-gram models on various languages is the recent trend. In this paper an attempt is made to(More)