L. Pratap Reddy

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Measurement of visual quality is of fundamental importance to numerous image and video processing applications. This paper introduces an image quality index, visual region of interest weighted quality index (VroiWQI). The index integrates the notion of visual regions of interest with the measurement of structural distortion between the original image and(More)
Segmentation of touching hand written numerals and alphabets is a difficult task for recognizing individual characters. In this paper, the proposed algorithm is adopted from condego for the segmentation of hand written touching numerals, and is extended to segment the touching hand written English alphabets. The proposed method using Drop-fall algorithm is(More)
We present a full reference objective image quality assessment technique which is based on the properties of the human visual system (HVS). It consists of two major components: 1) structural similarity measurement (SSIM) between the reference and distorted images, mimicking the overall functionality of HVS in a top down frame work. 2) A visual attention(More)
Document classification is one of the recent areas of research evolved as a result of exponential growth in the quantum electronic form of documents. Various document representation methods based on linguistic knowledge are revisited in literature. Adaptability of N-gram models on various languages is the recent trend. In this paper an attempt is made to(More)
This paper describes Syllable Segmentation method for printed text documents in Telugu, a South Indian language. Syllable segmentation is a fundamental process for various applications namely word segmentation, speech synthesis and information retrieval. The segmentation algorithm is motivated by the structure of the script. The segmentation process is(More)
Document classification is one of the prominent area of research evolved as a result of exponential growth in the usage of electronic documents. Classification of documents demands for understanding of document units by removing insignificant data and improving computational efficiency. This paper deals with the approaches aimed at Dimensionality Reduction(More)