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Testing a non-digital integrated system against all of its specifications can be quite expensive due to the elaborate test application and measurement setup required.We propose to eliminate redundant tests by employing ¿-SVM based statistical learning.Application of the proposed methodology to an operational amplifier and a MEMS accelerometer reveal that(More)
This paper describes metal-mask configurable RF circuits that offer reduced design and manufacturing risk, hence lowering nonrecurring engineering (NRE) costs. The base circuit fabric is configured for various wireless applications using only top metal and via layers. A two-stage design optimization methodology is used to optimally trade-off area and(More)
This work describes a complete framework for generation of compact analog circuit macromodels which significantly reduce the model complexity while still capturing the dominant linear and nonlinear response of the circuit. The technique is applicable to a broad class of circuits that exhibit weakly nonlinear behavior such as mixers, RF power amplifiers and(More)
This paper describes a new approach to low phase noise LC VCO design based on transconductance linearization of the active devices. A prototype 25GHz VCO based on this approach is integrated in a dual loop PLL and achieves superior performance compared to the state of the art. The design is implemented in the 32nm SOI deep sub-micron CMOS technology and(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient numerical algorithm for estimating the parametric yield of analog/RF circuits, considering large-scale process variations. Unlike many traditional approaches that assume normal performance distributions, the proposed approach is particularly developed to handle multiple correlated nonnormal performance distributions,(More)
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