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We describe a sequence of methods to produce a partial differential equation model of the electrical activation of the ventricles. In our framework, we incorporate the anatomy and cardiac microstructure obtained from magnetic resonance imaging and diffusion tensor imaging of a New Zealand White rabbit, the Purkinje structure and the Purkinje-muscle(More)
Nowadays hyperspectral data are really important in the environmental field. While the advantages, due to their radiometric features are broadly documented a rigorous metric verification is still absent especially in uneven areas (mountains) where the presence of steep slopes produces strong deformations on the images that have therefore to be preventively(More)
Heart failure is a leading cause of death, yet its underlying electrophysiological (EP) mechanisms are not well understood. In this study, we use a multiscale approach to analyze a model of heart failure and connect its results to features of the electrocardiogram (ECG). The heart failure model is derived by modifying a previously validated(More)
Large scale three-dimensional numerical simulations of hypervelocity impact of Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 plates by Nylon 6/6 cylindrical projectile have been performed using the Optimal Transportation Meshfree (OTM) method of Li et al. [7] along with the seizing contact and variational material point failure algorithm [17, 18]. The dynamic response of the(More)
All Rights Reserved iii To my family iv Acknowledgements The research that results in this thesis has only been possible with the constant support of my advisor, Professor Michael Ortiz. He has guided me throughout my studies with constant advice and patience. It was an honor to be one of his graduate students. I will never forget his rigor and enthusiasm(More)
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