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To clarify the role of insulin receptors in the macrosomia and the tendency to hypoglycemia in infants of mothers with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (IDM) we studied insulin binding in erythrocytes from mixed umbilical blood and from peripheral venous blood collected when the infants were 3-14 days old. Normal infants were matched for gestational and(More)
The activities of a number of purine metabolizing enzymes of erythrocytes and lymphocytes were determined in 18 subjects with Down's syndrome and in 18 age- and sex-matched control subjects. An increase of adenosine deaminase activity (adenosine or deoxyadenosine as substrates) was found in erythrocytes (P less than 0.001) as well as in lymphocytes (P less(More)
To characterize the erythrocyte insulin receptor in newborn infants we studied the binding of 125I-insulin to the erythrocytes from 42 preterm infants (14 at birth, 14 aged 2-7 days, and 14 aged 8-16 days) with a mean gestational age of 34.1 wk, and from 32 term infants (16 at birth and 16 aged 2-7 days). The insulin binding to cord blood erythrocytes from(More)
To establish normal insulin binding criteria, we studied the binding of insulin to erythrocytes from normal subjects of different ages. Insulin binding to cord erythrocytes and to erythrocytes from infants aged 2-7 days was significantly higher at tracer and physiological insulin concentrations than was binding to cells from children aged 1-15 years and(More)
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