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Keywords: Trustworthiness Network security Autonomic communication Information fusion Dempster Shafer theory a b s t r a c t Several research efforts have recently focused on achieving distributed anomaly detection in an effective way. As a result, new information fusion algorithms and models have been defined and applied in order to correlate information(More)
—Measurement of the main contributions to the single-hop delay introduced by an open-source router is dealt with. A new method is proposed, which is capable of distinguishing the time interval during which a generic packet stays in either input or output queue (queuing delay) of the router under analysis and the time interval characterizing the effective(More)
In the Southwest Atlantic, coral reefs are unique due to their growth form, low species richness, and a high level of endemic coral species, which include the most important reef builders. Although these reefs are the only true biogenic reefs in the South Atlantic Ocean, population genetic studies are still lacking. The purpose of this study was to develop(More)
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