L. Pau

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AND KEYWORDS Abstract In an earlier paper ,was discussed the necessary evolution from smart business networks, as based on process need satisfaction and governance, into business genetics [1] based on strategic bonds or decay and opportunistic complementarities. This paper will describe an approach and diffusion algorithms whereby to discover the dynamics(More)
AND KEYWORDS Abstract This paper introduces a conceptual framework and a computational model for individual tariffs for mobile communication services. The purpose is to provide guidance for implementation by communication service suppliers or user groups alike. The paper first examines the sociological and economic incentives for personalized services and(More)
This paper gives an analytical business model of the Internet IPv4 and IPv6 protocols ,focussing on the business implications of intrinsic technical properties of these protocols .The technical properties modeled in business terms are : address space, payload, autoconfiguration, IP mobility , security, and flow label. Three operational cash flow focussed(More)
This paper summarizes key attributes and the uniqueness of smart business networks [1], to propose thereafter operational implementation architecture. It involves, amongst others, the embedding of business logic specific to a network of business partners, inside the communications control networks. It also involves the definition of business protocols(More)
Advanced Business Process Management (BPM) tools enable the decomposition of previously integrated and often ill-defined processes into re-usable process modules. These process modules can subsequently be distributed on the Internet over a variety of many different actors, each with their own specialization and economies-of-scale. The economic benefits of(More)
AND KEYWORDS Abstract Recognizing the importance of privacy management as a business process and a business support process, this paper proposes the use of service level agreements (SLA's) around privacy features, including qualitative and quantitative ones. Privacy metrics are defined by both parties with boundary values on each qualitative or qualitative(More)
This short paper addresses the strategic challenges of deposit banks, and payment clearinghouses, posed by the growing role of mobile operators as collectors and payment agents of flow of cash for themselves and third parties. Through analysis and data analysis from selected operators , it is shown that mobile operators achieve as money flow handlers levels(More)
The search for enablers of continued growth of SMS traffic, as well as the takeoff of the more diversified MMS message contents, open up for enterprises the potential of bulk use of mobile messaging , instead of essentially one-by-one use. In parallel, such enterprises or value added services needing mobile messaging in bulk-for spot use or for use over a(More)
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