L P van der Wey

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Peripheral nerve elongation by a tissue expander may offer an alternative to nerve grafting in the management of segmental nerve loss. We investigated the morphological changes in peripheral nerve following slow nerve elongation by laser Doppler flowmetry controlled expansion in a rabbit sciatic nerve model. The animals were randomly assigned to one of four(More)
A new model is described for monitoring nerve blood flow during expansion by laser Doppler flowmetry. Rabbit sciatic nerve is gradually expanded with a custom-made spherical expander, while nerve blood flow is monitored by laser Doppler flow output. This model provides a valid method of controlling nerve blood flow during expansion.
A new method for elongation of peripheral nerves with preservation of function is presented. Nerve blood flow during experimental nerve expansion of rabbit sciatic nerve is controlled by laser Doppler flowmetry in order to avoid nerve ischemia. Using this method, nerve function in relation to gait remained intact in 72.5% of the animals and recovered within(More)
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