L P van der Wey

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Nerve grafting often fails to achieve optimal functional results and is always associated with donor-site morbidity. Peripheral nerve elongation by the use of a tissue expander may provide a useful adjunct in the management of segmental nerve loss. In the present study, rabbit sciatic nerve (n = 40) was elongated by expansion while nerve blood flow was(More)
A young adult male sustained a compound crural fracture with a 15 cm defect of tibia and fibula, and an extensive soft-tissue loss of the lower leg and knee joint. A free fillet of sole flap was raised on the amputated foot and transferred to the soft-tissue defect around the femoral condyles in order to prevent an above-knee amputation. Intact(More)
A new model is described for monitoring nerve blood flow during expansion by laser Doppler flowmetry. Rabbit sciatic nerve is gradually expanded with a custom-made spherical expander, while nerve blood flow is monitored by laser Doppler flow output. This model provides a valid method of controlling nerve blood flow during expansion.
The intraoperative and immediate postoperative management data were recorded in a series of twelve artificial device implantation operations in calves. Nine of these were valved conduit experiments not requiring cardiopulmonary bypass, and three were total artificial heart implantations in which bypass was needed. The intraoperative and immediate(More)
A new method for elongation of peripheral nerves with preservation of function is presented. Nerve blood flow during experimental nerve expansion of rabbit sciatic nerve is controlled by laser Doppler flowmetry in order to avoid nerve ischemia. Using this method, nerve function in relation to gait remained intact in 72.5% of the animals and recovered within(More)
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