L P Vorob'ev

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Based on an analysis of 4980 ECGs of patients, the authors could distinguish and classify the clinico-electrocardiographic versions of the early ventricular repolarization syndrome (EVRS): permanent, occurring for the first time, suddenly disappearing, intermittent with a gigantic T wave; with a negative T wave, with a short-term T wave inversion, marked by(More)
A study was made of microcirculation in patients with peptic ulcer of the duodenum during exacerbation and after combined antiulcerous therapy including trental that improves microcirculation and rheology of the blood. The data obtained point to the presence in the majority of patients of pronounced microcirculatory disorders during exacerbation. The degree(More)
The examination of 68 patients with biliary dysfunction determined hypokinesia of the gallbladder in 40, sphincter of Oddi spasm in 15 and combination of the two conditions in 13 patients. Blood biochemical indices showed no differences in patients with biliary dyskinesia compared to normal subjects except for alkaline phosphatase levels elevated in 35.3%(More)
Doppler echocardiography was used to quantify pulmonary hypertension and phase pattern of right heart systole in 140 patients with nonspecific pulmonary diseases to study hemodynamic characteristics of pulmonary circulation and right heart as well as external respiration. There appeared a relationship between the severity of pulmonary hypertension,(More)