L. P. Trubcheninova

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Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) was oncogenic for the following nine species of reptiles representing 6 families from Chelonia and Squamata orders: family of Testudinidae: 1. Testudo horsfieldi, family Agamidae: 2. Agama sanguinolenta; 3. Agama erythrogastra, family Lacertidae: 4. Eremias persica; 5. Eremias velox; 6. Eremias grammica, family Scincidae: 7. Eumeces(More)
The effect of Trichinella spiralis in different phases of infection on transplantation immunity, the ability of lymphocytes to induce graft-versus-host reaction, on antibody and plaque-forming cell production was studied. In certain phases of Trichinella spiralis beginhing from the first days of infection and during 40 days significant suppression of(More)
Changes in the absolute number of splenic cells of mice infected with Rauscher leukemia virus (RLV) and a day later--with living Brucella (BA) were studied. The increase in the absolute number of splenic cells of mice infected with RLV + BA was initially caused by the lymphoid tissue reaction to Brycella and then by the development of leukemia. The number(More)
Smallpox vaccine injection to 2-month-old C57BL/6j female mice caused during the first days significant rise in the number of precursor cells of rosette-forming lymphocytes, sensitive to the differentiating thymus extract effect. The number of these cells returned to the normal level by the 10th day after vaccination.
Live brucellosis vaccine Brucella abortus administered intraperitoneally, intravenously, subcutaneously or into the tumorous node inhibits the growth of granular cell ovarian carcinoma OC-1-72. The inhibitory effect depends on the B. abortus dose and tumor size. Pretreatment with B. abortus led, in some experiments, to the stimulation of tumor growth. The(More)
The influence of Trichinella spiralis on the course of Rausher leukemia in mice was studied. Inoculation of mice with Trichinella spiralis larvae 15, 16 and 30 days before infection with Rausher leukemia virus was shown to stimulate splenomegaly, whereas preinoculation of Rausher leukemia virus at 6, 12 and 18 days before infection with Trichinella spiralis(More)