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Peripheral blood lymphocytes (nylon wool non-adherent) from healthy pregnant women and normal non-pregnant females were tested for natural killer (NK) cell-mediated cytotoxicity against K562 target cells both by 51Cr-release assay and single-cell cytotoxicity assay in agarose. The results indicated depression of NK cytotoxicity in pregnancy due to a(More)
A longitudinal analysis of natural killer (NK) cell-mediated cytotoxicity of maternal peripheral blood lymphocytes was carried out at various stages (16-36 weeks) of normal human pregnancy, within 1 week following delivery and up to 40 weeks post-partum. NK cell-mediated lysis of K562 target cells (TC) in short term 51Cr-release assays was significantly(More)
BACKGROUND Theophylline and long acting beta-2 agonists are bronchodilators used for the management of persistent asthma symptoms, especially nocturnal asthma. They represent different classes of drug with differing side-effect profiles. OBJECTIVES To assess the comparative efficacy, safety and side-effects of long-acting beta-2 agonists and theophylline(More)
The aim of present double blind controlled study is to evaluate the effects of ECT in Schizophrenia and Depression. 20 depressed and 20 schizophrenic patients of either sex, in the age group 18 to 65 years fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria were taken for study. The psychiatric evaluations were carried out before the treatment, and at the end(More)