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AIM Hypothermia is often induced to reduce brain injury in newborns, following perinatal hypoxic-ischaemic events, and in adults following traumatic brain injury, stroke or cardiac arrest. We aimed to devise a method, based on diffusion-weighted MRI, to measure non-invasively the temperature of the cerebrospinal fluid in the lateral ventricles. METHODS(More)
The mutation spectrum and polymorphic haplotype background in 22 Romanian families have been analysed in this study using the restriction digestion of phenylalanine hydroxylase (PAH) regions specifically amplified or the DGGE/direct sequencing methods. Eleven PAH mutations specifically associated with six mutant haplotypes were detected. In spite of the(More)
The activities of lipid peroxidation and the antioxidative defence systems, the content of nitric oxide metabolites, an erythrocyte resistance to peroxide hemolysis in rats exposed to ethanol and hypoxic training were studied. We also evaluated the detoxicant capacity of the liver by 4-aminoantipyrine clearance. It was established that an effect of ethanol(More)
Ultrastructural and metabolic changes were studied during chronic fluorine intoxication and low doses of radiation (total dose is 1 Gr) in liver cells and tissues in rats fed with amaranth oil and treated with intermittent hypoxic training (IHT). The obtained data detected the ordered and compact position of mitochondria, peroxisomes, lipoprotein droplets(More)
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