L. P. J. Veelenturf

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This paper presents the idea of using sal cal density distribution in complex Walsh transform sectors to generate the feature vector for content based image retrieval This paper compares the performance of 8 , 12 and 16 sectors of Walsh Transform. The density distribution of real (sal) and imaginary (cal) values of Walsh sectors in all three color planes(More)
There is a tremendous interest in the development of the evolutionary computation techniques as they are well suited 10 deal with optimization of functions containing a large number of variables. This paper presents a brief review of evolutionary computing techniqucs. It also discusses briefly the hybridization of evolutionary computation and neural(More)
| Within the project on biomedical signal analyses with artiicial neural networks, recent research is focused on polysomnographic signal analyses. In polysomnographics (PSG) a large variety of physiological signals, obtained during a patients sleep, are analyzed and classiied. This research focuses on the detection of obstructive-and central-apnea (absence(More)
This paper introducing a fingerprint algorithm to increase the detection performance against nonlinear deformation in fingerprint. Here proposed method uses ridge feature which is composed of four standard elements these are ridge count , length ,curvature direction and type. Benefit of this ridge feature is that they can represent topology information in(More)
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