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A large-scale, double-stream gas puff target has been illuminated by sub-kJ, near-infrared (NIR) focused laser pulses at the PALS facility (Prague Asterix Laser System) to produce high-energy pulses of soft X rays from hot, dense plasma. The double-puff arrangement ensures high gas density and conversion efficiency from NIR to X rays approaching that(More)
A high-resolution CCD X-ray camera based on YAG:Ce or LuAG:Ce thin scintillators is presented. The high resolution in low energy X-ray radiation is quantified with several test objects. The achieved spatial resolution of the images is <1 microm. The objects used for imaging are grids and small animals with parts of several microns in extent. The(More)
In this paper we present the results of investigations of a wide band soft X-ray source and a lobster eye optic specially designed for collecting radiation of the source. Soft X-rays in the wavelength range from about 3 nm to 20 nm were produced as a result of irradiation of a double-stream gas puff target with laser pulses of energy 0.8 J and time duration(More)
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