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This study attempted to replicate negative bias and depressive explanatory style in depression using life narratives. The two central aspects of narrative, temporal succession and evaluation, were also explored. These aspects were tested for the first time using entire life narratives of 17 depressed inpatients and non-depressed controls matched for sex and(More)
—The paper discusses aspects of modelling and operation of low-voltage DC-grids with aggregated power and load modules in terms of small-signal stability. Multiple power modules connected to the common DC-bus potentially may become a reason of voltage instabilities due to background harmonics interactions. Unfortunately, in a practical grid implementation,(More)
The method for analyzing data leading to the estimation of a pA2 depends on the experimental design. Three different experimental designs are discussed. For each design, we provide a brief description of experimental situations that give rise to the design, a means for verifying relevant assumptions, and sample data with summary calculations.
Few attempts have been made to examine the statistical problems that the user of compartmental models must face. Some properties of the estimators of parameters for one and two compartmental models based on nonlinear estimation were studied through simulation. Of particular interest were the effect of the experimental design and the effect of different(More)
The paper focuses on small-signal analysis of aggregated operation of the low-voltage DC-grids comprising various power and load modules. Complex impedances, which can be identified experimentally, represent the internal structure of power converters and may become a reason for voltage instabilities while being gathered together in the DC-grid using cables.(More)
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