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Butia capitata is a palm tree endemic to the Cerrado biome of Brazil and has significant potential for ornamental and food uses. In this work, we characterized the structures of the seeds and seedlings of this species to identify anatomical aspects related to its pronounced dormancy and determine the processes involved in reserve mobilization. Intact seeds,(More)
In its first 25 years JCAMD has been disseminating a large number of techniques aimed at finding better medicines faster. These include genetic algorithms, COMFA, QSAR, structure based techniques, homology modelling, high throughput screening, combichem, and dozens more that were a hype in their time and that now are just a useful addition to the(More)
Mutant forms of kinin B(1) receptor (B(1)R) and analogs of the full agonist des-Arg(9)-bradykinin (DABK) were investigated aiming to verify the importance of selected receptor residues and of each agonist-peptide residue in the specific binding and activation. Linked by a specific disulfide bond (Cys(100)-Cys(650)), the N-terminal (N(t)) and the EC3 loop(More)
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