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One goal of interbody fusion is to increase the height of the degenerated disc space. Interbody cages in particular have been promoted with the claim that they can maintain the disc space better than other methods. There are many factors that can affect the disc height maintenance, including graft or cage design, the quality of the surrounding bone and the(More)
A new computer-based navigation system for spinal surgery has been designed. This was achieved by combining intraoperative fluoroscopy-based imaging using conventional C-arm technology with freehand surgical navigation principles. Modules were developed to automate digital X-ray image registration. This is in contrast to existing computed tomography- (CT)(More)
Structural tensile properties analyses of 10-mm-wide central sections of quadriceps tendon-bone (QT-B) and bone-patellar ligament (B-PL) complexes from young male donors (mean age 24.9 years, range 19–32 years) were complemented by a cryosectional analysis: each QT-B complex was composed of the segment of the quadriceps tendon with the proximal half of the(More)
The immediate stabilization provided by anterior interbody cage fixation is often questioned. Therefore, the role of supplementary posterior fixation, particularly minimally invasive techniques such as translaminar screws, is relevant. The purpose of this biomechanical study was to determine the immediate three-dimensional flexibility of the lumbar spine,(More)
Experimental data suggest that lumbar torsion contributes to lumbar disc degenerative changes, such as instability, spondylolisthesis and spinal canal stenosis. However, some basic mechanical characteristics of the lumbar spine under torsional loading have not yet been reported in detail. For example, the function of the facet joints under combined(More)
Das SIREMOBIL Iso-C3D (Siemens AG, Medical Solutions, Erlangen) erlaubt die intraoperative dreidimensionale Erfassung knöcherner Strukturen. Es wird ein hochauflösender 3D-Datenkubus mit einer Kantenlänge von 12 cm erzeugt. Die Daten können in ein Navigationssystem importiert werden, ohne die Notwendigkeit einer Registrierung des Datensatzes durch den(More)
The pull-out force of thoracic spinal pedicle hooks secured by long fixation screws engaging the posterior portion of the vertebral endplate was measured. The perfomance of these hooks was compared with that of hooks using a shorter screw and different screw orientation such that the vertebral endplates were not perforated. The longer and differently(More)
Nach der Literatur treten nach Marknagelosteosynthesen von Femurschaftfrakturen in 20–30% der Fälle Torsionsunterschiede von 15° und mehr auf. Durch eine computerassistierte Methode ist es möglich, den Antetorsionswinkel (ATW) intraoperativ zu bestimmen. In dieser experimentellen Studie wird mit Hilfe eines Femurmodells die Präzision der Messungen durch das(More)
Endoskopische oder mikroskopische Eingriffe bei chronischen Nasennebenhöhlenentzündungen mit oder ohne Polyposis sind in der täglichen Praxis häufig. Da es sich um delikate und schwierige minimal-invasive Eingriffe bei engem Raum, Tunnelblick von 4-mm-Endoskopen und häufig leicht blutendem Gewebe bei chronisch entzündlichen Erkrankungen handelt, ist die(More)
L'articulation occipito-atlanto-axoïdienne est l'une des plus complexes du rachis humain. Les lésions traumatiques ou inflammatoires de cette région peuvent conduire à l'instabilité et à des troubles neurologiques importants. Cette étude rapporte les résultats d'une étude anatomique et biomécanique de 13 spécimens de rachis cervical supérieur et met(More)