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By considering generalized logarithm and exponential functions used in nonextensive statistics, the four usual algebraic operators : addition , subtraction, product and division, are generalized. The properties of the generalized operators are investigated. Some standard properties are preserved, e.g., associativity, commutativity and existence of neutral(More)
The definitions of the temperature in the nonextensive statistical thermodynamics based on Tsallis entropy are analyzed. A definition of pressure is proposed for nonadditive systems by using a nonadditive effective volume. The thermodynamics of nonadditive photon gas is discussed on this basis. We show that the Stefan-Boltzmann law can be preserved within(More)
In this paper, we show that 1) additive energy is not appropriate for discussing the validity of Tsallis or Rényi statistics for nonextensive systems at equilibrium; 2) equilibrium N-body systems with nonad-ditive energy or entropy should be described by generalized statistics whose nature is prescribed by the existence of thermodynamic equilibrium. The(More)
This is a study of the information evolution of complex systems by a geometrical consideration. We look at chaotic systems evolving in fractal phase space. The entropy change in time due to the fractal geometry is assimilated to the information growth through the scale refinement. Due to the incompleteness of the state number counting at any scale on(More)
Heavy electrons in superconducting materials are widely studied with the Kondo lattice t-J model. Numerical results have shown that the Fermi surface of these correlated particles undergoes a flattening effect according to the coupling degree J. This behaviour is not easy to understand from the theoretical point of view within standard Fermi-Dirac(More)
This is a study of composition rule and temperature definition for nonextensive systems containing different q subsystems. The physical meaning of the multiplier β associated with the energy expectation in the optimization of Tsallis entropy is investigated for the formalism with normalized expectation given by escort probability. This study is carried out(More)