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The genetic algorithm (GA) has been widely applied as a soft computing technique in various fields, while the ant colony algorithm (ACA) is a rapidly developing tool used for optimization. Based on the combination of the fast global search ability of GA and the positive feedback mechanism of ACO, a novel algorithm, named genetic ant colony algorithm (GACA)(More)
An adaptive filter for video sequence super resolution reconstruction is proposed based on weighted least square and total variation regularization. We thoroughly study the motion compensation matrix and weighted matrix, and deduce the recursive filter formula. Experimental results demonstrate the proposed method to be adaptive and robust.
—The direct position determination (DPD) method can improve the location accuracy compared with the traditional two-step location methods due to omitting the intermediate procedure of estimating the measurement parameters. However, the DPD methods presented so far are significantly more complex than the two-step approach. To overcome the shortcomings of the(More)
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