L. N. Vasil'eva

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In biological literature, essentialism and typological thinking are believed to be incompatible with evolutionary ideas. At present, the same considerations underlay the claims to abandon the Linnaean hierarchy, or the fundamental classificatory structure rooted in essentialism. This paper suggests to reconsider the negative views of Plato's typology and(More)
Sedative and antistressor effects of a complex of peptides isolated from human amnion are studied. The peptides are found to exert a marked sedative effect and a certain antistressor effect on rats with immobilization stress, the degree of manifestation of these effects being dose-dependent.
Disconnection of central and peripheral parts of motor system leads to severe forms of disability. However, current research of brain-computer interfaces will solve the problem of rehabilitation of patients with motor disorders in future. Chronic recordings of single-unit activity in specialized areas of cerebral cortex could provide appropriate control(More)
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