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The authors have developed a panel of monoclonal antibodies (MCA) of IPO series (Institute of Problems of Oncology, Kiev). RPMI-1788 cell line, Daudi, as well as splenocytes of a patient with hairy-cell leukemia were used for immunization of mice. It has been shown that IPO-3, IPO-10 and IPO-24 MCA are directed against differentiation antigens of human(More)
Monoclonal antibodies IPO-10 were generated following immunization of a BALB/c mice with human cell line Daudi. Reactivity of this mABs was studied by indirect immunofluorescence technique with 10 human cell lines, blood cells of healthy persons and of patients with the malignant lymphoproliferative diseases. Studies on normal and neoplastic B cell suggest(More)
Monoclonal antibodies IPO-1--IPO-8 against surface antigens of B-lymphoblastoid cell line RPMI-1788 were prepared. Murine hybridomas were obtained by fusion of immune spleen cells and myeloma cells. Screening of specific antibody production was carried out by indirect immunofluorescence. Expression of these antibodies against a panel of 11 human cell lines(More)
Spleen cells from BALB/c mice previously immunized with B-lymphoblastoid cell line RPMI-1788 were fused with P3-X-63-Ag8.653 myeloma cells. Monoclonal antibodies (Ab) IPO-4 were screened on 18 cell lines by the indirect immuno-fluorescence method. Cryostat sections of tissues were stained according to the PAP technique. The Mab IPO-4 were tested for(More)
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