L N Khakhalin

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A young girl, vaccinated against smallpox 6 years before suffered from a persistent vaccinia virus infection and a congenital skin disease, i.e. epidermolysis bullosa. The virus was isolated from skin lesions at the vaccination site and remote sites and repeatedly from the blood; it was not isolated from bone-marrow specimen, saliva, pharynx or urine. The(More)
Altogether 79 children with primary immunodeficiency conditions (PIC) and 21 children suffering from frequently occurring bacterial infections were examined for the level of rosette-forming cells and lymphocytes reacting positively with monoclonal antibodies to different phenotypic membranous markers (SD-antigens and others). The patients with combined(More)
Peripheral blood and bone marrow morphology, blood and bone marrow lymphocyte subpopulation composition were studied in two children with cyclic neutropenia, using flow cytofluorometry, monoclonal antibodies, colony-forming capacity of granulocytic macrophagal precursors in semi-fluid agar. The studies were conducted in varying periods of the neutropenic(More)
The immunochemical study of the blood sera of children with chronic and relapsing infections has shown an increase in the content of alpha 2-macroglobulin and alpha 1-antitrypsin in the absence of significant changes in the concentration of immunoglobulins and complement components. The immunochemical analysis of the system of soluble leukocytic antigens(More)
The clinical course and some immunohematologic parameters of the blood and bone marrow were investigated in chronic neutropenia children with a high break of granulocyte maturation. Heterogeneity of etiopathogenetic mechanisms of the disease has been recorded in this group of children.