L. N. Drozdov-Tikhomirov

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We studied the structure and composition of contact areas in 812 different kind dimeric protein-protein complexes from Brookhaven data base (PDB ) in order to reveal their pecularities with regard to protein-protein recognition. We have found, that the large portion of complexes (approximately 70%) have oppositely charged residues in the contact areas(More)
This approach uses a set of algebraic linear equations for reaction rates (the method of steady-state stoichiometric flux balance) to model the purposeful metabolism of the living self-reproducing biochemical system (i.e. cell), which persists in steady-state growth. Linear programming (SIMPLEX method) is used to derive the solution for the model equations(More)
Theoretical estimation of contribution of the electrostatic interactions to pre-orientation of ribonuclease subunits in process of complex formation was carried out. The subunit was considered as a multipole consisting of partial charges of all atoms of the molecule. The object of investigation was a system of two subunits with their centers of gravity(More)
Four amino acid's complementarity hypotheses have been checked using the data on the structure of 122 protein complexes taken from protein Brookhaven Data Bank. No one of hypotheses was conformed at the analysis of the contact region structures of the protein complexes examined.
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