L. N. Drozdov-Tikhomirov

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We studied the structure and composition of contact areas in 812 different kind dimeric protein-protein complexes from Brookhaven data base (PDB ) in order to reveal their pecularities with regard to protein-protein recognition. We have found, that the large portion of complexes (approximately 70%) have oppositely charged residues in the contact areas(More)
A new kinetic model of enzymatic catalysis is proposed, which postulates that enzyme solutions are equilibrium systems of oligomers differing in the number of subunits and in the mode of their assembly. It is suggested that the catalytic and regulatory sites of allosteric enzymes are of composite nature and appear as a result of subunits joining. Two(More)
A mathematical model of the growth of the cell culture was developed. The model takes into account changes of the levels of the enzymes which define the metabolism rate, transport of the substrate into the cell, regeneration of the donors of energy. The model is based on the proposition that the rate of overall protein synthesis in the cell is defined by(More)
Theoretical estimation of contribution of the electrostatic interactions to pre-orientation of ribonuclease subunits in process of complex formation was carried out. The subunit was considered as a multipole consisting of partial charges of all atoms of the molecule. The object of investigation was a system of two subunits with their centers of gravity(More)
A quantitative kinetic model is suggested for the auto-regulated tryptophan synthesis by E. coli trp-operon system and for tryptophan excretion from the cell mediated by transport systems. Applications of the model for the calculation of several parameters characterizing tryptophan metabolism are considered. In order to explain experimental data it is(More)
A package of programs for the examination of areas of subunit contacts (interface) in protein-protein (PP) complexes has been created and used for a detailed study of amino acid (AA) composition and interface structure in a large number of PP complexes from Brookhaven database (PBD). It appeared that in about 75% of the complexes, the AA composition of the(More)
The pathways of biosynthesis of amino acids, nucleotides as well as membraneous and cell wall components (target monomers) were analysed in bacteria growing on different carbon sources. The analysis has made it possible to single out "junction" metabolites in the "branching points" of metabolic pathways of monomer synthesis whatever growth substrates are.(More)
The paper presents a method for calculating the minimal expenses of substrates from the medium necessary to compensate energy donor disbalances in an intracellular process under study (for instance, in the production of a unit biomass or in the synthesis of one mole of monomer) between the number of regeneration events and the number of events in which each(More)
A general scheme of E. coli respiratory chain under aerobic oxidation with NAD.H2 is considered. The ratio H+/O is calculated by the currents method for the respiratory chain in a stationary state. The maximal possible stoichiometry is shown to equal 8. The origin of different H+/O values in the respiratory chains is discussed.