L. N. Binh

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Ultra-high speed 10Gb/s and 40 Gb/s optical Ethernet and/or SONET transmission carrying multi-wavelength channels as well as IP over WDM are emerging as the next generation optical networking. Under this ultra-high speed transmission and networking, the dispersion effects due to linear chromatic dispersion effects are critical. This paper investigates the(More)
A simulator based on Matlab™ Simulink for simulation of optical communication systems employing DPSK modulation format and RZ and NRZ pulse profile is described. The simulator for optically amplified transmission systems (SOATS) is described in details with simulink blocks and monitored with several scopes. The choice modulation format used is very(More)
Ultra high bandwidth properties of fiber-optic signal processing systems could provide the necessary processing power for computationally demanding two-dimensional signal processing applications. The techniques of fiber-optic signal processing so far have not been applied to the area of two-dimensional signal processing. Further the matured fields of(More)
In this paper, we present a detailed study on the dispersion effects in active mode-locked fiber lasers. By including fiber dispersion effect in a laser model, we find that the dispersion causes the pulse broadened and chirped. Moreover, not only the pulse position but also the lasing spectrum is shifted when the modulation frequency is detuned in(More)
A novel staged continuous Tabu search (SCTS) algorithm is proposed for solving global optimization problems of multi-minima functions with multi-variables. The proposed method comprises three stages that are based on the continuous Tabu search (CTS) algorithm with different neighbor-search strategies, with each devoting to one task. The method searches for(More)
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