L Moorman

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Infant guinea pigs recently were found to respond to brief maternal separation with an increase in plasma cortisol levels. The present experiments were conducted to further characterize this response and compare it with the cortisol separation response previously observed in primates. In Experiment 1, separation of guinea pig pups from their mothers did not(More)
A realistic estimate, incorporating radon concentration distributions, is given of the total number of local lung cancer incidences attributable to radiation from radon and its decay products in the residential environment in a community with an increased average indoor-air radon concentration. An estimate of the currently prevented lung cancer incidences(More)
A method measuring vertical upwards total radon soilgas flow from the ground through building sites before construction is investigated as a predictor for the radon concentration inside a home after construction. The theory for this radon risk evaluation (RRE) is derived and simple analytical and more realistic numerical examples are given. Data obtained(More)
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