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The article purpose is to present the advantage of a programmable ECU (Engine Control Unit) [1], on an intelligent system of a spark ignition control to increase the vehicle's performances for specific regime and, as much as possible, to keep the exhaust gases in legal limits. Concentrations of CO<sub>2</sub> in the atmosphere - very high now - have their(More)
The papers present studies and researches of fuzzy logic system application, analyzing the evolution of a spark ignition (SI) engine. The advantage offered by the fuzzy logic system allowed us to monitor same of the parameters involved in burning process. As we know, thermal engines must be optimized because of the problems with exhaust gases from fossil(More)
The numerical modeling of the microchannel heat transfer and fluid flow was analyzed to estimate the thermal behavior of the dielectric fluids with emphasize on Nu number behavior. The geometry of a model is the same as in (Lelea et al., 2004). The diameters of the tube were D i /D o =125.4/300 μm, the total length L=70 mm, Q=0.75 W and only a portion of(More)
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