L. Maxwell Hill

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The TinyTeRP is a small, low-cost, modular robotics platform used to study robot sensing and control in large numbers of miniature robots. A fully assembled TinyTeRP costs approximately $50, is 1.7 &#x00D7; 1.8 &#x00D7; 2 cm<sup>3</sup>, and can move at speeds up to 50 cm/s. The robot is designed around a wheeled platform onto which different circuit boards(More)
The nature and kinetics of reactions in dry seeds determines how long the seeds survive. We used gas chromatography to assay volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from seeds of three unrelated species as a means to non-invasively probe chemical changes during very dry, dry, and humid storage (seeds were dried to 5.5, 33, and 75% relative humidity at(More)
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