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BACKGROUND Absence due to sickness among nurses has not been studied in-depth in the Indian setting. METHODS We studied the sickness pattern among 385 nurses during one calendar year and retrospectively compared the absenteeism among nurses in different work areas of a tertiary care hospital. RESULTS Sickness leave was availed by 68.9% of nurses at(More)
BACKGROUND Health indicators such as life expectancy at birth, infant mortality rate etc. are some of the tools to measure the social development of that country. Due to advancement in technology, disease profile etc. expenditure on health care, especially tertiary care treatment is increasing day by day, and is beyond the reach of common people. This is(More)
Single layer networks of adaptive logic functions have been used extensively for pattern recognition. They do, however, have limitations in as far as the output at a given time 't' is a function of the input at that time only. The system is equivalent to a conventional combinational logic circuit. If some form of feedback is introduced, the output becomes(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM High dependency on nursing care in healthcare delivery systems in recent times has made the quality appraisal of nursing care even more imperative for nursing administrators. This study demonstrates the utility of a two-phase technique to identify the most significant shortcomings pertaining to nursing care delivery in general wards of a(More)
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