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The growth in generation and the increased interconnection of electrical grids lead to higher fault currents and therefore there is a considerable interest in fault current limiter (FCL) devices. In this work, we refer on the results of electrical testing on resistive-type superconducting FCL prototypes made by Ni-sheathed MgB<sub>2</sub>, developed in the(More)
In this paper we present a new model to compute the current density distribution and the AC losses in multiple YBCO coated conductors by means of coupled integral equations implemented in a finite-element (FE) environment. The model considers the superconducting tapes as 1D objects and allows overcoming the problem of the mesh of conductors of large aspect(More)
An integrated system to evaluate the magnetic field generated by power lines exposure has been developed using a specific simulation model (PLEIA-EMF). This is part of a software toolset, subjected to internal suitability verifications and in-field validations. A state indicator related to each span has been determined using the data extracted from digital(More)
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